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Learning and Development - Case Study

Skills Programme – Targeting Management and Leadership Behaviours

NBA partnered with a large pharmaceuticals organisation to devise a modular development programme targeting key Management and Leadership competencies and behaviours. Our audience were first line and ‘middle’ managers who were in technical roles, leading technical teams. The emphasis was on helping them get the best from their teams and fulfil their responsibilities as leaders and developers of people.

The development programme was designed working closely with the organisations’ HR and Learning & Development functions to ensure we understood the processes and protocols that existed in relation to expectations and responsibilities of Managers within this business.

The provision was specified to include all key Management and leadership interventions in a typical HR lifecycle e.g.  selection, induction, engagement/motivation, development and  performance management.

The finalised programme was delivered over a 6 month timeframe in a modular format using e-learning, skill development workshops, 360 degree feedback and psychometric assessment. We used professional role players to enhance skills development sessions on performance management, coaching and feedback.

NBA psychologists worked alongside internal HR advisors in the preparation and delivery of feedback on the 360 degree surveys and Emotional Intelligence profiles which were used on the programme. These feedback sessions were use to reinforce learning from the programme, but also had a personal/career development emphasis.

Outcome: Managers and Team Leaders are better equipped to deal with wide ranging issues including staff engagement, performance and well-being. In addition these managers, who are from a technical background, are reporting much higher levels of confidence and self efficacy in carrying out their people management responsibilities.

Client Testimonial:Managers in these parts of the business have been needing something like this for quite a long time. Whilst they have been fully resourced in the technical side of the role, the vital ‘people’ component has largely been overlooked – until now! The programme we have delivered with NBA has met our needs perfectly in this area. We have a comprehensive learning package that systematically builds knowledge, skills and confidence in Managers to do what we need them to do, and achieve what we need them to achieve with their teams. It puts them in touch with the softer skills of management and at the same time shows how this makes a difference to the bottom line. Working with NBA has been a real partnership and it was refreshing how supportive they were working with our internal staff. Having their insights as professional psychologists has been so beneficial in helping us make sense of this particular development challenge!”