Defining and developing the capabilities required for outstanding performance”

Talent Management

Retaining and investing in your high potential and high performing employees can transform your organisation.

Talent Management initiatives aimed at identifying and developing your ‘key people’ will greatly enhance their levels of engagement, commitment and drive as well as enabling them to deliver even better results.

Our interventions in this area target growth, sustainability, resilience (both technical and leadership) and succession.

We will work with you to define the scope and nature of a Talent Programme that will fully address the particular needs of your talented people and deliver tangible benefits to your business.

Our approach involves:

Talent diagnosis and profiling – individual or group based psychological assessment and one-to-one feedback to shape and direct the effective development of high potential employees.

Talent realisation – individual and/or group based development activities to drive the growth of critical capabilities and reputation, raise the profile of key talent among senior managers and increase exposure of high potential employees to relevant business areas. This is supported by mentoring from within the business and external coaching support from NBA consultants.

Talent Tracking – initiatives to track and further develop the progress of talent pool members and to identify where the greatest results and return of investment have been delivered.

Examples of Consultancy Projects:

  • First Group (UK Bus Division) – Design and implementation of Development Centres to identify ‘fast tracking’ potential in Senior Management tier.

  • Environment Agency – Design, development and delivery of a ‘Leadership Talent Programme’. Large scale programme for senior managers incorporating Development Centres, career coaching, business projects and skills development workshops.

  • ICIS – Telephone feedback/coaching provision – helping members of a targeted talent initiative make progress with personal talent plans, overcome barriers/obstacles to progress and take on new approaches to working (incorporating Personality Profiling).

    Talent Management Case Study