Defining and developing the capabilities required for outstanding performance”

Talent Management Case Study

Talent Programme for identifying and developing leaders for the future

In partnership with a large public sector client, NBA devised and coordinated a Talent Programme designed to optimise progression opportunities and personal impact amongst its high potential Managers.

The Programme began with Development Centres in several regions around the UK, using the business’ Leadership Capabilities as the basis for talent assessment. Activities included a group discussion, role plays with actors, a psychometric assessment and presentations. Our subsequent feedback sessions provided participants with a tailored Talent Profile and an individual development plan. Following on from this NBA worked with our client to devise and deliver an integrated Talent Development Programme which consisted of ‘In the business’ projects and mentoring arrangements, as well as bespoke workshops to address the priority themes emerging from the Development Centres. This initiative was further strengthened with the provision of telephone coaching support from NBA consultants.

Outcome: Potential and current leaders equipped with the self-awareness, knowledge and skills to meet the business’ current and future challenges.

Client Testimonial:This programme was a hugely significant undertaking for the business. We knew that we wanted to do something ‘different’ with our Senior Managers to realise their Leadership potential. Our consultation with NBA helped greatly to structure our thinking around the complex issues we faced with regard to our Manager population and focus on what provision would make the sort of difference we were looking for.

NBAs experience around what would work, how it would benefit our managers developmentally and how it could also deliver a return on investment was instrumental in securing commitment to this venture from our executive team.

The Talent Development initiative NBA delivered was a varied, innovative and high impact programme. NBAs design - which combined some ventures which were initiated and controlled from within the organisation, working in synergy with events and provision that they were leading - struck a precise and highly effective balance for the development of Leaders in our business.

Throughout the process NBA had to engage and work with a large range of stakeholders from within our organisation (in the design, delivery and coordination of the programme) something they did effortlessly and with the utmost professionalism.

The outcomes speak for themselves: The participants have delivered a range of projects which have shown significant and tangible benefits to the business (on a whole organisation level). And we have a pool of senior Managers who are in a significantly stronger and better place when it comes to stepping in to our future Executive Manager population or taking on secondments to Senior roles in Government.”