Contributing to a climate of objectivity, diversity and excellence in your organisation”


Damian Gregory

Damian is a Chartered Psychologist and NBA’s lead consultant. He has a Masters Degree in Occupational Psychology and specialises in assessment, selection and development, providing good practice consultancy to a wide range of clients in both public and private sectors.

Since joining NBA Solutions Ltd over ten years ago, Damian has taken a lead role in a series of high profile research projects informing government policy on employment/employability issues. He has developed bespoke psychometric tests and assessment materials, designed and implemented Assessment and Development Centre Programmes and a range of bespoke learning interventions

He is currently working on innovative Talent Management Projects to pin point and develop high potential individuals who will be instrumental in the future growth and success of their particular businesses. These programmes are usually ‘initiated’ through Development Centres and then ‘realised’ through a combination of e-learning packages, academic secondment/sponsorship and bespoke training and development interventions which include workplace business projects and challenges.

Damian is a skilled facilitator who is experienced in working with groups of varying sizes. He regularly provides one to one coaching and support for managers and executives on personal and professional effectiveness and works with senior management teams looking at issues including work style effectiveness, communication and succession planning.


Nigel Blagg

Nigel is the founder of NBA and a Chartered Psychologist with more than 30 years consulting experience in Education, Health, Business & Legal sectors. He has a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and a Doctorate in the Clinical Psychology field.

His post-doctoral research on Thinking and Learning Enhancement has informed Government policies and education/employment initiatives, and has been widely disseminated within the UK and abroad as Good Practice Guides, practical materials and research articles.

Nigel is a qualified user of numerous clinical and occupational psychometric assessments of personality, aptitude and cognitive ability. He has designed and delivered BPS accredited Occupational Testing Courses at Level A and has also designed bespoke assessment tools for selection and assessment purposes. Nigel regularly works with clients on coaching assignments in the areas of interpersonal dynamics, conflict resolution and mediation.


Victoria Howard

Victoria is a Business and Coaching Psychologist. She has an MSc in Organisational Psychology and a Diploma in Management. Victoria has over 20 years experience of carrying out psychometric assessments, management and leadership training, teambuilding, occupational well-being assessments, one to one coaching and organisational reviews.

She has coordinated and taken part in a range of Assessment and Development Centre projects for a range of UK clients encompassing Talent Management initiatives and Selection Programmes.

Her particular interests include positive psychology, health and well-being in the workplace and Emotional Intelligence. Victoria is a fully qualified user of (amongst other psychometrics) NEO PI-R, 16PF and Myers Briggs Type Indicator.


Vanessa Davies

Vanessa has a first degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Applied Psychology. She is an accredited psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and mentor/coach. Previously Vanessa worked for a while in Whitehall where she oversaw the implementation and evaluation of Assessment and Development Centres. After joining NBA, as well as continuing with her portfolio of assessment work Vanessa has taken on numerous learning and development assignments including work on team building/team dynamics and coaching and mediation skills. She has also devised some innovative learning solutions drawing on her expertise in Transactional Analysis for businesses and Emotional Intelligence in the workplace.

Vanessa is one of NBAs assessment and selection and talent management specialists. She has coordinated a range of projects and events in this area and offers good practice consultancy to clients on associated topics such as assessor skills, competency based interviewing and psychometric assessment.


Hilary Tobin

Hilary has a first degree in Applied Psychology, a Diploma in Supervision and Mentoring and four years training in Transactional Analysis. Before joining NBA, Hilary carried out a freelance consulting role, providing assessment, training and team building within the NHS and other large clients. Prior to this she had been head of training and development in a private care organisation.

Hilary is one of NBA’s Assessment and Selection and Talent Management specialists. She has coordinated a range of projects and events and offers bespoke training and consultancy to clients on the implementation of such initiatives within their business.

Hilary’s additional interests include supervision within the workplace, the promotion of ethical practice and equality of opportunity, and health and wellbeing within organisations. Hilary is a qualified user of a range of clinical and occupational assessments.


Vicky Edkins

Vicky has a first class degree and Doctorate in Psychology. She specialises in experimental psychology, behavioural analysis and psychometric assessment.

In her early career Vicky worked as a Criminal Intelligence Analyst. Here she used her psychological knowledge and analytical skills to seek out the patterns underneath the obvious – skills and approaches she now puts to good use in clients’ assessment and selection campaigns.

Recently, Vicky took the lead on a European research project seeking to optimise the emergency response to specific terrorist incidents. The project involved designing and running field trials and coordinating a full scale multi-agency exercise to develop an understanding of the psychological and behavioural aspects of these complex events.

Vicky has considerable experience of designing and implementing tests of thinking and behaviour. She is also a highly skilled researcher, carrying out a wide range of analytical and evaluative surveys looking at organisations’ people systems and strategies. She is able to provide clients with robust, evidence-based recommendations relating to challenges they face with their people and processes.


Jon Spencer

Jon has an MSc in Management Development & Training and is an approved trainer for the CIPD’s Training Certificate programme. Prior to joining NBA, he held Senior Management positions with the US company Dun & Bradstreet International and then with the West of England Management Centre.

Jon specialises in Management and personal skills development, team building and management of change. He has designed and delivered Leadership programmes for a range of clients in the UK, Europe and Internationally. Jon is a skilled facilitator, coach and assessor. He is an accredited user of (amongst other psychometrics) Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Insights.


Clive Hickman

Clive has a Certificate In Training and Development and a Diploma In Management Studies. He is an approved trainer for the CIPD’s Training Certificate Programme. Prior to joining NBA He held Senior Management positions in the Ministry of Defence (more latterly in the Learning and Development function).

Clive specialises in Management and personal skills development, teambuilding and management of change. He has also recently partnered with a number of large public and private sector organisations to produce innovative training programmes which help with induction, engagement and business acclimatisation of their leaders and managers.

Clive is a highly skilled facilitator and coach. His work on our Leadership Talent programmes as personal coach to participants has been widely acclaimed.


Richard Collins

Richard has a Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology. Richard has worked with a range of sports professionals and athletes, including those with international honours. He applies Business Psychology techniques and models to their training and performance strategies to ensure they optimise their potential in pursuit of individual and team goals.

As well as his Sports Psychology consultancy, Richard applies his knowledge and insights from this sector to the world of work and business. He is experienced in behavioural assessment - taking part in large scale Assessment Centre programmes and Development Centre initiatives. He is a qualified user of a variety of psychometric assessment tools that measure personality and aptitude and regularly applies them to his work with high performance athletes and business people.

Richard’s particular interests lie in the fields of Career Development (where he has established his own Career’s Interest Inventory), and Individual Personality - and how it shapes and affects performance, be it in business or in sport. Richard holds a lecturing post at Hartpury College, Gloucester.

Stuart Morris

Stuart has a Certificate in Training Practice and is an accredited facilitator. Before moving into a learning and development consultancy role, Stuart had many years Senior Management experience working in large complex organisations. These roles involved Stuart in managing teams and departments in Resource Management, Training and Development, Business Improvement and Strategy and Innovation.

Stuart specialises in the design of outcome focussed training & development programmes which have a clear link to the commercial world of modern businesses. His particular strengths are in Innovation and Creativity, Change Management, Balanced Scorecard techniques and Project Management.


Amanda Merrill-Skelton

Amanda is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. She has an MSc in Industrial Psychology and is an accredited coach. Amanda has over 11 years business experience of assessment and selection, job analysis and evaluation, competency framework design and developing 360 degree feedback methodologies.

She has designed and taken part in large scale Assessment Centres for targeted appointments and high volume selection and placement. For many campaigns, Amanda has designed bespoke assessment exercises to reflect both the nature of the clients' business and the subtleties of the role.

Another of Amanda's interests and areas of expertise is in Careers Coaching. She works on a one to one basis with clients to explore career history and direction, discuss future aspirations and develop high impact CVs and Personal Profiles.


Jon Seymour – Business Development

After graduating from the University of Surrey with an honours degree in Business Studies, Jon started out on a successful career in the construction and property recruitment industry. He spent over ten years honing his business development and people management skills in this highly competitive industry, progressing into a senior management position with Hays Plc. Keen to seek out new challenges, he moved in to a different sector and spent the next five years carrying out a business development role in the UK's emerging renewable energy market.

Jon’s enthusiasm for delighting the customer shines through in his consultative approach. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management and is committed to ensuring clients receive the highest levels of professionalism, competence and service in any sales-related interaction.


Pamela Leonard – Business Development

Pamela started her career within the industrial design arena. However her enjoyment & keen interest in working with people lead her from here into the recruitment industry. For over 10 years Pamela worked for some of the leading recruiters in Australia and the UK, placing senior finance professionals. Her skills and dedication established long term client relationships and saw her managing large scale, blue-chip accounts, as well as smaller businesses with more specialised needs.

With her extensive experience of organisations Pamela has taken on a central role with NBA in business development. Pamela’s approach is open and engaging with a truly genuine manner. She greatly enjoys creating and maintaining successful (and mutually beneficial) relationships with clients.